We are sad to  announce the passing of our beloved Jackson, owned by Celia Carr. 

"The first time I saw him, I knew he had to be mine.  I'd never seen such a beautiful horse in my life.  It was truly love at first sight.  Being a Western Pleasure horse by trade, no one thought that years later, we would be showing (and scoring well) at 2nd level dressage.


"In 1994, he and I were Adult Amateur Champions at 1st Level in Central States (CSDCTA).  Jackson proved his stuff on the trail as well.  One day we had gone out for a long trail ride and somehow got tangled in a half-buried barbed wire fence.  Jackson stood quietly as I backed him foot by foot out of the wire stuck against his legs.  I always thought he knew what we needed to do and never flinched.  If he had spooked, we would have both been cut to shreds.  

I always said he had a home with me for life after that day, and I kept my promise.  My faithful friend went blind from what we think was periodic ophthamalia, or "moon blindness".  He had 27 good years and I was happy that his last years were spent doing what he loved most:  giving kids and beginning adult riders the experience of his vast ability.  He loved kids and loved attention, and the kids all loved him.  Goodbye my friend.  May you be in horse heaven now with your Pegasus wings."  All my love, Celia.