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Michaela Prigge


Michaela teaches beginner and intermediate lessons. 

Michaela began her riding career at the age of 10 accompanied by her older sister, beginning her learning in the western discipline of horse riding.  Her instructor at the time encouraged her to ride a variety of horses to glean experience with the broad kaleidoscope of horse types and personalities, as well as levels of training.  This greatly helped her as, 3 years later, the instructor recommended her an her sister moving on to another horse riding stable..Fieldstone Farm for greater opportunities of growth and learning where she could continue her education in the sport of equitation.  She has remained at Fieldstone Farm since 2011 and continues to seek becoming a more accomplished horsewoman every chance she can get, continuing her education through means of lessons for experienced trainers, online training resources, as well as taking courses to become a certified Equine Massage Therapist.

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