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Farm Update

We had a busy week with the clinic running Monday-Thursday with over 30 rides. And amid the busy-ness we welcomed some new faces to the barn. Jem and her owner Mary have moved in. Welcome Mary and Jem!

Another new addition to the barn is the mailboxes located in the lounge next to the lesson board. Each boarder has been assigned a mailbox. Check your mailbox for your board bill, notes, etc. We have also added boxes for farriers, vet, and our equine massage therapist. You can leave notes/payments in their boxes from now on.

Some price updates have also been posted. Please check the lesson board for the updated price list.

Monday we start another camp week, and look forward to seeing what our riders will learn!

I am also working on some new programming/events at the farm, so keep your eyes peeled for info flyers in your mailbox/posted on the lesson board.

Happy Trails!

Sam Cotter

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