March Clinic and Barn News

The March 12-15 Brad Cutshall clinic is almost completely booked and the schedule is finished. Please check the clinics page and check that your ride times work so we can avoid last-minute changes. Let me know if you need something moved around and I will see what I can do.

Put-luck signup will be posted (along with a copy of the schedule) in the barn lounge.

Teresa published a barn newsletter, which you can find on the table in the lounge.

We are also looking at hosting another schooling show this spring, possibly as soon as the end of March. What do you think?

Online camp registration is open and camps are really booking up fast, so if you know any kids, ages 6-12, interested in camp this summer, make sure they sign up soon.

Fingers crossed the groundhog was right and spring is just around the corner!

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