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New New New and Other Noteworthy Things

Clearly, I am out of fun, creative titles for these new horse posts, and we have a busy barn lately!

Two new horses have arrived (Rudy and Mr. Big) and both seem very sweet and kind. They are going to give a try in lessons with the SCSU team this week at practice. Stop by their stalls and give them a quick snuggle and you will not regret it.

Sue has been in and out over the past week giving equine massages. Let Teresa know if you'd like to get on her schedule, she does a great job.

Dr. Kyla will be out today doing chiropractic work on a few horses as well.

Please check the farrier list in the lounge to see if your horse is coming up this week and leave a check if you are unable to come and bring your horse in.

The lesson board has gotten a facelift! Instructors are color-coded and the board should be easier to read now. More updating around the barn is in the works, let me know if you have an idea for organization or something you'd like to see at your home away from home!

Thanks to some help from boarders, and a barn worker who came in for an extra hour, the hayloft is full of some fantastic hay and Teresa keeps finding bigger and better round bales to keep our ponies happy, fat, and warm through the winter.

Happy Riding!


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