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Schooling Show Success!

Our fall schooling show was this past Sunday and what a busy day! We had 28 horse/rider pairs compete across 20 classes and handed out over 75 ribbons. The show ran smoothly and everyone seemed to have a great time. A post-show survey has been emailed to all registrants, but we want to hear from everyone who was in attendance. Follow the link at the bottom of this post to leave us a review so we know how to make our next show even better.

Thanks to our judge, Sam Martinson, for doing a wonderful job with a variety of classes from Prix Caprilli to dressage to flat equitation.

Biggest thank you and sincere gratitude to the amazing volunteers who came out to help us make this show run from start to finish. It would be impossible to have a show without help from you all. Kate, our gate keeper kept things running smoothly with a smile, Jane, Jamela, and Jolie worked to keep the ring clean through most of the day. Lana kept everyone fed running the concession stand. Cheyenne scribed for dressage tests and stuck around to help Michaela with jump crew. And all the kids, parents, etc who jumped in and helped when they saw someone needing a hand; thank you, thank you, thank you!

Onto some highlights of our client's show results:

Julia M. and Caspian competed in their first canter classes together and won their Intro C and Training 1 classes.

Anna H. moved up a level and rode school horse Emma in Training 1 and 2 and won both her classes.

Ziva D. was our youngest competitor of the day and rode school horse Peanut in Intro A, WT Eq, and did the costume class and left with a blue, red, and participant ribbon. Peanut is still blowing the much younger horses out of the ring with her amazing dressage scores!

Malia and Jake competed in the Open Jumper class and were the only clear riders at 2'9". Malia was also the champion of the Apple Chins class and shows impressive talent for riding with an apple under her chin.

Katie E. and Bunny competed in all the jumper classes and left with lots of ribbons. They finished with the fastest time of the day in the 2'6" Jump-off with a time of 32 seconds.

Lynne F. rode sassy-pants Draugen in Training 1 and 3 and got him through a couple tantrums to win her Training 3 class.

Paige F. rode school horse Zilver and won WT Equitation and Ground Poles Equitation.

Esme N. rode school horse Delilah to blue ribbons in 2' Prix Caprilli, WTC Equitation, and X rail jumper.

Kandice B. rode Marquise to a blue and red in some dressage tests and then made her jumping debut aboard Malia's horse Jake. With just 3 jumping lesson under her belt, Kandice finished a cross rail jumper course with a time of 63 seconds and no faults.

Congratulations to all our clients and horses on a great show day!


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