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Spring Already?!

I am sure you have a more than noticed that we are being gifted with warm weather already. The sunshine and lack of snow falling has been a welcome sight at the barn.

Don't forget to check on your horse this weekend and make appropriate blanket changes. If you are unable to stop by and would like your horse's blanket changed, please let me know.

Since most of them still have winter coats, they probably wont need any blanket come early next week. Those with clipped or older horses might still need a sheet.

Lesson students: get to the barn a bit early over the next few weeks for your lessons! When blankets get pulled and snow is melting the school horses all become spring hippos and spend some time rolling in the mud which means you will have a lot more grooming to do before your ride. Enjoy!

Fingers crossed this is real spring and it's here to stay!

One more reminder...don't forget to sweep up the hair that you brush off now that everyone is shedding their winter coats. Please put it in the muck bucket and not in a stall. Thanks!

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