April ? Schooling Show
at Fieldstone Farm
Date to be announced

Saturday, ?

Closing date:   - Limited post-entries accepted



Overnight and Day stalls available.

Classes to be split into Jr/Sr age divisions pending number of entries.

Equitation classes will be awarded points and a grand and reserve champion will be awarded for each division.

Grand and reserve champion awards will be given for highest dressage scores (%) of the day.

Schedule to be posted at least 48 hours prior to start time.

Classes 7-9 to be ridden in an outdoor standard size arena, weather permitting.  

All other classes to be ridden indoors.

All horses must show proof of negative Coggins, riders must have liability waiver signed.  

Due to Covid-19, no concessions will be offered.

We will be following all USEF Covid-19 precautions and rules.  Please see www.usef.org for more information.


-Face masks required if not vaccinated, unless mounted

-No spectators outside of immediate family (video recording is encouraged if you want to share the show with extended family and friends)

-Anyone on show ground must report symptoms of/exposure to Covid-19 within 14 days of competition


Office Fee: $15

Dressage Classes: $20

Equitaion and Games: $15

Day Stall: $25 ($10 refunded if cleaned*)

Overnight Stall: $40

*Please include separate check or $10 bill if you plan on cleaning stall for a refund.

Dressage Classes:

  1. Intro A

  2. Intro B

  3. Intro C

  4. Training 1

  5. Training 2

  6. Training 3

  7. 1st. level %

  8. 2nd and 3rd level %

  9. 4th level and up %

  10. Dressage Equitation

Equitation/Game Classes:


Dreamer Division

11. WT Eq.

12.  WT Cavalettis Eq.

13. WT ground poles Eq.


Rising Star Division

14. WT Equitation

15.  WTC Eq. (individual canter)  

16.  Ground Poles Course Eq.


Future Long/Short Stirrup

17. WTC Equitation

18. Ground poles course Eq.

19. X-rail course Eq.


20. Apple Chins

21. Bareback WT

22. Bareback WTC

23. Bribe a Pony (unmounted)

24. Tack relay (team of 2)

25.  Obstacle Course (mounted)


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.