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Message for Boarders - Spring Shots

I hope everyone is staying safe (and sane!) at home if they are able, and that those of you who are essential employees are healthy. Our barn staff have been working hard to make sure all of your horses are enjoying their 2 week staycation. We swapped everyone back into warmer blankets for today's winter and will put sheets back on tomorrow. Isn't Minnesota spring great?

Donna is scheduled to come out for spring shots on Wednesday, April 29th first thing in the morning. I am attaching the package prices for shots. There will be a $7 per person (not per horse) farm visit fee. Additionally, if you are not planning on coming to hold your horse for the vet there will be a vet holding fee as well. Please text or call me to book your package, and to let me know how you will be paying. All payment must be received at or before the time of service. Donna accepts check, cash, credit card, or friends and family option of PayPal. At the first visit she will be drawing for coggins, and giving rabies and 6-way vaccines. A second day will be scheduled for strangles, other vaccines chosen, and teeth checks

If you have a new horse, or are a new client to Donna, and will be having a coggins drawn by her for the first time, please fill out the new horse form or send me the info and I will get the form filled out and printed for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



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